Monday, May 09, 2005

The weekend went exactly as I said. All in all it was busy and fun. The wedding we went to was at least a $50,000 affair. The catering hall overlooked the water. There was a cocktail hour, 6 courses, and a Viennese (sp?) hour. There were about 10 bridemaids and 10 ushers. We didn't get out of the hall until almost 2am. Here's the place where the wedding reception was held:

I was talking to my mom today and she admitted seeing a positive change in J, too. I really would like to homeschool my other 2 kids, but until they decide that's what they want, I'll wait. I'm so enjoying hs'ing J, that I want the others to join us. Well, at least they're happy and are doing well so far.

There are auditions next weekend for a local production of Annie. Both girls want to try out. They're already practicing their audition songs, which reminds me I have to get sheet music for them. K's class visited the United Nations building today on 1st Avenue and 42nd Street. They had a nice tour and got to shop in the stores on the 1st floor - which of course was K's favorite part. I read that their gift center has an "extensive array of exotic handicrafts from all corners of the globe". She bought a pretty dreamcatcher to hang in her room.

Learn about the UN!


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