Thursday, May 12, 2005

This morning J was playing with the cordless phone and scrolled down to see what numbers called here. She asked what area code 215 was and when I said I don’t know, she said, “Let’s look it up!”. This led us to a website with all the area codes on the continent and all the state and province two-letter abbreviations. We were going through them all when she started guessing which abbreviations went with which state. She knew all of them but 6. I wrote down the ones she missed and she ran to get her GeoGenius to figure them out. Then we found envelopes around the house with addresses on them and she found all the 2-letter abbreviations. We also took note that California has 38 area codes, TX has 25, and NY has 13. Finally I see how letting them take the lead in their own interests really works!

I got the proofs of her black & white headshots. They came out so gorgeous. I picked one to get a package made and the owner loved the one I picked. She's using it in a dedication collage in the recital program as well as enlarging it to use in the studio along with the rest of the team's pictures. I went to the music store this afternoon and found sheet music for the girls' auditions Saturday morning. I spent $23 but whattayagonnado? K is getting nervous about it and J wants to only do half of her song. Can't wait to see how this goes.

K's class went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art today. They have been studying Ancient Egypt and their trip was focused on the Egypt rooms. I can't believe all the trips she's going on lately! Oh, and another excellent day for W at school. I swear it's because he knows that preschool is his choice now. I just find that so interesting. The other day he wanted to wear his pajamas and no socks to MIL's house. I told him that was fine. He decided a few minutes later that regular pants and socks were probably a good idea. Testing me I guess. This choice thing is great! LOL!

I made a new online photo album. Here are some pix of B's band to start off with. I'm keeping a permanent link to my albums in the blog sidebar. I'm excited!

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