Tuesday, May 17, 2005

J has been very helpful lately. She is doing a lot more around the house and even cleans up after her brother. She can cook a can of soup and makes W's snack for school most days. She has also been taking very good care of herself, hygiene wise. She does all of these things without having to be asked. She definitely wasn't like this a few months ago. Very interesting.

It was so beautiful out that we walked to pick up K today. J rollerbladed and W threw a tantrum because we left his scooter at my mom's house. He had his skates on, but wanted them off after 5 minutes - and his helmet was itchy. Thank goodness MIL was sitting outside and offered to take him while J and I now had to rush to get K. K usually saves the change from her lunch money and today treated everyone to a water ice from the bodega on the way home. Crazy nutjob girl was giving her hard time again at school - but K said she can handle her. I have to call the teacher and insist they are nowhere near the same class next year.

K went to the Queens Museum of Art the other day with school. I hope she actually pays attention on these trips. She has a book fair on Thursday, too.

B's band was on the radio again. This time in Wilkes-Barre, PA (102.3). Last month they were on WBAB on Long Island twice. His band also made it to the 3rd round in this year's OriginalSessions & Jagermusic NYC/NJ Buzz Band Search. Pretty cool.

Oh, and J ended up getting callback for "Annie" after all. There was a message today on my machine. We all go back tomorrow at 7. J practiced a few songs this afternoon. She has such a strong, belty voice. K's voice is softer and sweeter. I think I may withdraw my application for the show. I am having surgery on my neck next week and will probably not be able to sing for quite a while. Tomorrow I have to go to Mt. Sinai Hospital over by Central Park for pre-surgical testing. I hate hospitals.


ellesu said...

Hi....As a former hser (my son is in college now)I'm enjoying following your family's journey.

I was wondering how the medical tests went. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.

I'm hoping you can soon sing the lead in "Annie." I wish I could sing. Singing is one of the things I have NO talent for. :(

NYCitymomx3 said...

Thanks! The tests went fine today. My main worry is the pathology report after my surgery next week. I'll get back into theater again some day. I love it too much to be done with it forever.