Monday, May 16, 2005

So callbacks for "Annie" were tonight. Only 7 girls were called back for the lead. After singing, dancing, and acting, only 2 were asked to stay a little longer - and K wasn't one of them. She felt crappy after that and wanted to go home. But she was asked to come back on Wednesday night. So she's still in the running for the lead, but might get one of the orphans instead. When we got there I was feeling a bit bold, so I asked K if she would die of embarrassment if I tried for a part too. She was all for it, so I asked the director and she let me sing. Now, it just so happened that another woman had a few songbooks, so I borrowed one and sang "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miz. I thought I did ok. The director ran over to me with a few sides (small parts of the script) and wanted me to try out for all 3 female lead parts. By that time, K had finished for the night and just wanted to go home. I told the director she wasn't feeling well, so we'd just both come back Wednesday. So there you have it. I know K wants the lead, but if she gets a different part, I hope she still wants to do it. I don't want to do the show without her. We'll see what Wednesday brings.

W asked me today, "why are tongues wet?". He has also been big on spelling out bigger words (like "stupid - he spelled it "stoopid") and asking me tons of addition questions. J called her homeschooled friend, G, who had to cut the conversation short to get back to doing schoolwork. I asked J if she wanted to "do schoolwork" like G, or continue learning her own things the way we have been going lately. She opted for the latter and my heart tells me that's the right answer.

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