Sunday, May 22, 2005

Today was the last day of Sunday School until September! All the kids got straight As (well, Es) and are moving on to the next grade. I was a bit worried they would have to repeat a grade since they missed so many days. They had parties and a little awards ceremony. I went to church this morning to sing for our priest who's been in the parish 40 years. He baptized K. Very wonderful man.

I moved furniture yesterday and my back started aching around 2am. I was awake all night and totally immobile by morning. I got this before and knew it was temporary, but it hurt like hell. It felt like a knife twisting around my lower spine every time I moved an inch. By 11:30am I could walk and my friend drove me to mass. I took 4 Tylenol and wrapped a therma-heat pack around my waist and left it on all day. The kids and I drove out to my mom's to see my cousin, C, who just graduated military college. He is now an Army 2nd Lieutenant and will be in Iraq in about a year. He's the one my sister and I spent St. Patrick's Day with.

On the hour-long drive out to Mom's, the girls were writing down all the different states' license plates. They like contests, so I suggested they also come up with the state abbreviation together. We found 13 different state plates! We discussed state mottos and they tallied up all the specialty, vanity, and diplomat plates they found as well. K said we should play this game every time. I love when so much learning is seen as a fun game!

At Mom's the kids played Octopus and Red Rover with the neighbor kids outside on the wet grass. In the basement, they put on a talent show. B stayed home to slow-cook some bbq ribs, do laundry, and check out the new studio space with the band. Thankfully, they love it and we'll be saving $80 per month! I have to learn to cook. I think I want Rachael Ray's new cookbook. She's my favorite. We order out too much and saving money needs to become one of our top priorities.

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