Sunday, May 15, 2005

The girls did fantastic at the auditions. There had to be over 50 other girls there trying for a part. It was a great experience for them and they seemed very comfortable. We should hear something by next week.

J's dance school had a fundraiser lastnight. It was held in the pub across the steet from the school. It was a nice turnout, with prizes, raffles, and other stuff. The theme was the 70s and most everyone came dressed in their 70s best. I had blue eyeshadow and huge hoop earrings on. Too funny. Everyone's kids were back at the studio for a party. I brought K and J over there and they had pizza, did a craft, ate junk, and danced all night. I picked them up at midnight and we were all exhausted. Very fun night.

Today I have to clean. Being as domestically challenged as I am, it's going to take all day and being the perfectionist I am, it probably won't get all done. At least the seasonal clothes are switched and most of the laundry is done. Jeez, I just look around at the unbelievable piles of clutter and I want to throw everything out the window. The kids are at Sunday school, so I'd better get to it before they come home.

(My parakeet is sitting on my shoulder mimicking my keyboard tapping sounds, I'm LMAO).

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