Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm still trying to relax a bit. I saw the doctor this morning and the final pathology report isn't in yet. My jaw area is still really swollen and he wants to see me again on Tuesday. I did go out this afternoon to see a comedy my friend directed. It's called "Wonder of the World" and was in Queens. It was off Broadway (or was is on?) with Sarah Jessica Parker a while ago. It had to be one of the funniest shows I've seen in a long time. I was snort-laughing and crying it was so funny. I needed that today.

The girls both worked on their websites today. W "did words" with me on MS Word. He's getting pretty good at reading. He also speaks very well lately. B was feeding K's interest in guitars by perusing a new catalog and explaining (with sound effects!) all the different types and extras like amps, reverbs, wah-wahs, and how his friend spent $1400 on a bass guitar 2 years ago. I also heard him giving a pretty detailed answer to J's question about Adam and Eve. Made me proud, he did! While I was at the show, B barbecued out back while the kids rode their bikes and played. After dinner B went to see the evening show. Tonight was the last night and he's staying late to help them break down the set.

It's gonna rain tomorrow so we're probably staying home. I bought K a new desk so I think I'll make a family project out of putting it together. We're going to my mom's on Monday for the traditional Memorial Day BBQ. I hope my sister comes down from Hillsdale to join us.

Oh, and please take my new poll!

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