Friday, May 27, 2005

W stayed home today with a fever and chills. Poor thing. After some Tylenol he wanted to sing some "rounds" like Row Row Row Your Boat and Frere Jaques. W, J, and I were trying to put any 3 songs together to see what they would sound like and who got messed up first. Funny. So then W decides to pull his fingers back and study the lines on his hand. I showed him his fingerprints, too. He asked me to draw him a body. I drew something slightly better than a stick figure. He wanted me to then draw "the insides, like the esophagus" (he likes the digestive system for some reason). So I did and J labeled all the parts.

J then worked on her website with me. She took the site tutorial and learned about hyperlinks, image uploading, templates, and basic word processing stuff she knew already from using MS Word. She successfully got a picture on her site and even fixed it so it was the size she wanted. She added background music and little cursor floaties. W fell asleep on me by then and J came up with a cool idea for an experiment. She said she wanted to put an empty cup in a bowl of water, cover it with Saran Wrap, leave it in the sun, and see if the cup caught any of the evaporated water and that the water in the cup would be cleaner. I think she may have seen this experiment on tv or something. So we did that together and left it in the sun in the kitchen.

After that, J went online and found one of the songs her dance group is learning. She practiced that for like 45 minutes and even printed out the words to learn them (it's Janet Jackson's This is Sick and I don't think I like those lyrics now that I see them, grrr). She had dance practice yesterday and she's going today, too. B came home early since it's a holiday weekend, so thankfully he was able to pick up K from school and bring J to dance. I am still trying to rest a lot and will see the doc tomorrow.

I'm finding it easier to document all the learning J does. I found the absolute perfect tool for documentation. The Microsoft Works Calendar! And I can print it all out if I need to. It's just more comforting to me to have good written documentation - mainly for the supt office (in case), but for myself as well.

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