Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I love Barnes and Noble.

I went there this morning with J, said I was a homeschooler (I love saying that!) and I would like to get an educator discount card. The woman said she was just talking about homeschoolers and was confused about what proof they could show. We had a great discussion and she was so appreciative - I'm always willing to share hs'ing info!! It's Educator's Week and with my 25% discount I spent about $97 on a ton of books and a new globe. J and I looked at so many and she chose the ones she wanted. I kinda steered her away from the doll jewelry kits and the stuffed animals and more toward the "educational" stuff. She chose books on phonics, test prep, colonial times, Laura Ingalls Wilder, science experiments, flags of the world, and crossword puzzles. She wanted the 5th grade math book because the 4th grade one seemed to easy for her. I want to get the Singapore math books for her, though. It's nice that J loves math and science. She's so different from K, who loves reading and writing. I wonder what W's preference will be.

We sat in the Starbucks cafe eating berry cheesecake and oatmeal cookies with my "Caffe Mocha" and her "Strawberries and Creme" and then went to the toy store. I got a hula hoop, a ball, 2 jigsaw puzzles, and that much desired pogo stick. After picking up W from school, we spent 2 hours playing outside.

After we picked up K, we did some more shopping to get all the last minute items needed for K's 3-day trip. She's never gone anywhere this long without me. I'm a nervous wreck. She's leaving tomorrow. I feel better, though, knowing my aunt and uncle live 10 minutes away from where she'll be. I am happy for K. One of the reasons I chose this middle school is because of all the exciting places they visit. They went to the Jewish Museum on 5th Avenue yesterday. She made a beautiful tile mosaic art piece while there. They have several more museums to go to before June. She loves it.

Curious about NYC's museums? Here's a great website! :



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