Sunday, May 29, 2005

Here's what the MS Works calendar looks like when you save it in your Documents:

26 Thursday

(BIOG.) "The Miracle Worker" - Discussion of Helen Keller
(L.A.) ASL Alphabet - Practiced alphabet, name, and several words
(GEO.) - continents, oceans, US states, Europe, Australia, Oceania, quizzes. Used GeoGenius, google, and globe to find answers.
(READ/R.A) Hansel and Gretel - Created own version of Hansel and Gretel with correct story structure and grammar. Very creative. Listened to 30-page read-aloud
(P.E.) Dance Class - 2 hrs.
27 Friday

(MUS) Sang Rounds - Created new ways to sing rounds with unrelated songs
(SCI) Handprints/fingerprints - Discussion
(SCI) Digestive System - Drew and labeled
(COMP) J's Website/Blog - Took tutorial; learned image uploading, hyperlinks, word processing.
(SCI) Evaporation experiment - cup in covered bowl of water to catch evaporation/condenstaion
(P.E.) Dance Class - tech/lyrical- 1hr.
(SCI.) - Discovery Channel show on Horseshoe Crabs

This blog isn't showing how nice it really looks - with the different fonts and colors and everything. It's better than creating my own with MS Word because it automatically brings you to today's date and is much more fun to use. I only copied 2 days, but it's going to be nice to print out whole months to keep in my homeschool correspondence binder. Since the NY regulations specify what subjects are required, I have this to show them if needed. MIL would probably be happy with a copy, too, lol.

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