Wednesday, May 11, 2005

J and I made a cake together today. She and W frosted it and although it looked like um... well, a mess, it was delicious. They were both very proud of themselves. J did some word games on the computer and played nicely with W later on. I finally brought up all their summer clothes from the basement and J and W helpd me sort through those and put them away. K went out to Hofstra Universtiy today with her class to see the NY Jets football team. They spoke to the kids about different things and all the kids got autographs. B was very excited about this, trying to get as much info from K as possible when she got home. B took off today to go to an orthopedist. Turns out he has bursitis in his hip and shoulder. He needs to get some physical therapy soon.

J is still definitely deschooling. Although I know she is fine and I do see some learning happening, I can't help being impatient. I guess I need to see more concrete evidence that she's moving forward and not backward. Nothing seems to interest her at all yet. It's difficult handling questions from others because I don't know how to exactly explain what we're doing. I do believe it's the right way to go, but I need to really deschool myself somehow.

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