Thursday, May 19, 2005

W stayed home from school today since B had 2 doctor appts and had the car all morning. I was supposed to register him for Pre-K yesterday, but was running around so much that I completely forgot to go. It's a different school than the one W is currently in and they had ONE spot left - afternoon session (12:45 to 3:15). And I was late picking up K from school because I was stuck in Manhattan and the 3rd train I needed to get home was out of service due to a sick passenger. He was asleep at MIL's house by the time I got there and then we ate and went right to the Annie callbacks. Today I called the Pre-K woman and she said to come by now. So I zipped over there with W, filled out a dozen forms, zipped back home, had a quick lunch, drove with J to the Dance Shop for new half-sole sandals and footless tights, zipped back home to drop J off so she could change for dance, picked up K, dropped off K at home and picked up J, and zipped on out to dance class. I'm ready to pass out today.

One member of J's dance group dropped out today. Now there's only 8 of them. No one was prepared for that and J's teachers had to redo 3 of their dances to make up for the missing person. In addition, J's group just learned a brand new dance which is part of the older kids big production number. They were taught the dance 2 rehearsals ago and they look like they have been doing it for years. It's amazing how fast kids learn when they're doing something they like! ;)

During the summer, J will be going to 2hr a day/2x a week dance rehearsal (no fee for these extra classes!! Woohoo!!) In the late afternoon, she will take 3-4 classes a day on Tue, Wed, and Thu - things like tap, hip-hop, jazz, cheer, yoga, technique, and maybe modern. K wants to take some of those, too. I know she's been dying to take yoga forever. They will also hopefully be busy with Annie all summer. We're shooting for lots of beach time, pool time, and friend time, as well.

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