Thursday, June 23, 2005

Another Day in the Life:

Today W woke up at 7am as usual. Dh got ready for work, K got ready for school (can't wait til she's done!). J got up around 9am. After some English muffins and Toaster Tarts, J brought me a book called "Everything You Need to Know About Geography Homework (4th-6th grades)". She loves geography and globes and maps and stuff. So she grabbed the globe and read through the beginning of the book with me. In about an hour we went over hemispheres, planets, the role of the sun, earth's axis/rotation/revolution, longitude, Prime Meridian, latitude, Equator, true and magnetic north, finding world cities using degrees and minutes, the Arctic & Antarctic Circles, the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn, time zones, and compass points. She used the globe to put what she was learning in action. I am amazed at how well she understood it all. I never learned it and we had so much fun learning it together. She said she loves this book and wants to do the next section tomorrow.

W played with the globe, too, but then went online to play some alphabet games. He then found his Bob book and read one of the red ones called "Mat" to dh on the speakerphone, lol. After that, he wrote sentences from the book on his Magnadoodle. He wrote "Mat sat on Sam". Then erased it and wrote "Father's Day". And put it aside to show daddy later. He then started playing with a magnetic dart showing me how it makes the magnet on Spiderman's hand move. I told him that they must be the same kind of magnet so they try to stay away from each other. He went to get a fridge magnet and showed me that same thing. He asked why it sticks to the back then. I said that the front of the magnets were all "norths" and the backs were all "souths" and norths only like souths so that's why they stick. He did the whole experiment again with other magnets and seemed to really understand what I said. I was going to say "boys" and "girls" instead of "north" and "south", but I think that would have sounded odd. LOL!

They then both got their bathing suits on and went into the backyard pool for about an hour while I relaxed a bit with my book and Diet Pepsi. Then we went back upstairs and J got dressed for dance class - she had company Nationals practice at 3, tap at 4, and jazz at 5. She would live there if she could I swear! At 2:30pm I drove J to dance for her 3pm class and zipped back to pick up K from school at 3:40pm. W fell asleep somewhere in there so we came home to veg out a bit before picking J up at 6pm. MIL watched W at 5:30. Dh got home at 6:30 so she didn't have to watch him long.

We drove out to Annie rehearsal and I got the kids some snacky stuff to tide them over until they got home to eat. We got home around 9 and watched a DVD of another production of Annie that one of the moms lent me tonight. B's off tomorrow, so I'll use that time to finish cleaning the rest of the house.

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