Monday, June 27, 2005

Went out to mom's today. They had tons of company including an old navy buddy of my dad's, his wife, and daughter who are visiting from California. Their dd is 9 and got along so great with my kids. They swam in the pool and played a bunch of games. At the end of the night they all exchanged email addresses and promised to keep in touch. They were interested in hearing about homeschooling and said they'd thought about it with their dd. She goes to a dangerous school in L.A. and talked about how she has cattiness problems with the girls there, too, like K. They also told me that Schwarzeneggar has implemented a new program where the kids evaluate the teachers! The eval is taken very seriously! - To weed out the bad ones, I guess. I thought that was a cool idea. I guess some teachers better be on their best behavior next year! LOL!

One person at mom's made an incredible peanut-butter-pie. I made him swear he would email me the recipe. I will post it when I get it.

And a huge thank you to Deanne, Southern Mom, Kathy, and J in Alberta! I was really tired and cranky last night and almost felt like maybe not blogging anymore. I have PMS this week, too, so that's probably it. :^)


ellesu said...

Hi....After a busy weekend, I just got a chance to catch up with your blog. I noticed you asked for those of us who are 'visiting' to post, I am. :)

I hope you keep up your writing, although I know it's not easy sometimes. I have 4 children, but only hsed the last one. He's in college now, and doing well. THANK GOODNESS! I so wish I had hsed my first son.

Southern_Mom_of_4 said...

Hey, keep on blogging! It's such a great way to document your life, and gives the rest of us some pretty good ideas as well! I'm also in your MSN Unschooling group, by the way -- but I don't post there much...mostly just a lurker! Take care and keep up the good blogging!