Sunday, June 05, 2005

We got home from mom's around 12. I went to my singing engagement and B and the kids played in the backyard. He put on the sprinklers and they cooled off in the 85 (heat index 95!) degree weather. He also made a nice bbq dinner. I came home briefly around 4:30 and got changed to go to the new priest's reception at 6:30. It was more like a wedding with a cocktail hour, buffet dinner with servers, and a DJ. I got home at 10:30 and all the kids were asleep.

I rejoined Flylady and plan on getting more organized around here. I want to set up my bookscases like the libraries do with several books standing alone by themselves so J can see what we have and be drawn to them. She's been doing a lot of things that are going right in my daily log. I am seeing a lot of self direction and motivation lately. Also, June is a great month to DO stuff around the city so I plan on getting out a lot more.

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