Friday, June 17, 2005

J created yet another blog for herself. She wants a clear separation from K's web stuff and I don't think she even wants K to know about it. LOL. Later on she worked on the dance essay again, fixing up a few things. I hope the school owner can tell the difference between the essays that kids wrote all on their own and the ones where the parents helped. It's really not fair because you know when it comes to free tuition that parents are going to ensure their kids win no matter what. I feel like bringing that up to her. Maybe I will.

J and W painted more today. W painted his homemade wooden helicopter with J's help and J painted some cute pictures. One was a person with the whole background done in colored spots and her other painting was of a big mug of Dr. Pepper. After we picked up K we stopped at the bodega for icees and snacks. J had a dollar and went in with K and spend her money. She bought W some chips and they split the icee in half to share. I thought that was very nice of her.

Tomorrow they have Annie rehearsal from 10-1. B's staying home to do laundry and we'll probably have a barbecue in the afternoon while the kids play in the pool. I really want to get this house cleaned before Monday.

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