Wednesday, June 08, 2005

J played with the video camera again today. She got it onto the tripod, too. After she dropped it for the second time, it said "DEW" in the window. Don't know what that means, but now it's not working right. Later on she and W played Legos together. W's preschool graduation is next Wednesday. I'm so glad he's done with school next week. I owe them full tuition for June ($230) even though it's only half a month. Grrrrr. It's so ridiculous. Definitely not worth the money. Preschool is such a joke.

J and K had play practice again tonight. K got someone's email address and IM name (yay!). Speaking of friends, K is going to a birthday party tomorrow (public school is off). This is a girl she met at summer day camp several years ago and they talk on the phone all the time - and she's a good kid with a nice family. Gotta find more of those for K, LOL. So, we got home around 9:15pm and I asked J if she wanted to read with me. She said YES and we read our own books together for almost an hour! She chose "Finding Nemo" which is way below her level, but I'm beyond caring about that anymore. I just love seeing her read (I'm still on Teach Your Own). K spent that time adding stuff to her website, like blinkies, "dolls", and photos. It looks great so far. K has to do an Egypt project so she chose to make a model of the Sphinx. Another trip to Michael's Craft Store will be on the agenda for tomorrow. I hope I don't go crazy in there - because you know I just want everything!

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