Monday, June 06, 2005

J found one of her workbooks this morning - Grade 4 Spelling by McGraw Hill Spectrum. There are several different activities on each page and it looks like fun, puzzle-y activities. She did the first 2 chapters - long a and long e sounding words (brain, freight, paste, etc). In each chapter there was a page on proofreading and it really sparked an interest. J did a great job with it and wanted me to find more pages online for her to proofread. I found a website with many proofreading symbols and printed it out for her. She used the symbols with the workbook activities and the proofreading worksheets I found online for her to do. She asked me why the 4th grade book was so easy. I knew it was when I saw she re-wrote a whole page worth of "wrong" sentences. She knew the correct spelling, capitalization, wording, and punctuation of every sentence. Some of them looked hard or tricky but she got them all. I guess it surprises me because she really hasn't done much reading or writing in the past few months. I love letting her take the lead in learning!

K is hating her life lately. She hates her teacher. She hates her friends. She comes home with an attitude and throws a tantrum like a 2-year-old. I don't know what to do for her anymore. I keep telling her that homeschooling is always an option, but she's not going for that idea. I will just do what I did with J and give it until December of 7th grade. If things do not improve by then, I'll break out the big guns in convincing her to homeschool. I can make her see my POV if I really try.

I'm excited to watch a new show tonight called The Scholar. It's a reality show where 10 financially-strapped kids compete for a college scholarship. I am rooting for the homeschooled kid (who has never been to school in his life and yet has a 4.0 GPA. Hmm, how do they know that if he's never been to school?). I'm also going to root for the girl from Queens! She's from a town called Fresh Meadows where several of my friends live! I'll see who has the better personality. LOL.

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