Wednesday, June 01, 2005

K stayed home today mainly because she couldn't find her red shoes she just had to wear. Ah middle school. Aint it grand? I don't care too much that she takes a day off now and then. Her grades have been exceptional lately and socially it seems things are going well. The spring dance is this Friday so we went shopping and got her a new outfit. She got a denim mini-skirt and white halter top. The surprise at the register was that both were marked half off. I think I spent $20 altogether. Tomorrow while J is at dance, we'll go to Old Navy so she can spend her Christmas gift card on a cute pair of shoes to go with it. We all had lunch at Boston Market and I was so tired that we just went home after that.

The kids painted with watercolors this afternoon. K painted flowers and bunnies. J painted the new bird. And W mixed colors, asking what makes what and trying it out. J then moved on to the video camera. She's enjoying making her own movies lately and handles the camera pretty well. The buttons on those things are so small and confusing to me. She likes to take some video, rewind it, and watch it on the camera. She uses the "special effects" button sometimes and zooms in and out a lot.

I'm part of a 5-voice ensemble and we had rehearsal tonight. We're singing on Sunday for the ordination of a new priest in our parish. We were invited to his big reception afterward, too. I thought that was nice of him. Other than that, I felt crappy all day. My jaw is sore and swollen and I've had a headache above my right eye since this afternoon. I keep waking up at 4am and can't go back to sleep. I should probably take some vitamins or something.

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