Sunday, June 19, 2005

I am so excited to learn that my one of my favorite Broadway musicals is being released as a movie in the fall. RENT! I just watched the trailer . It's so great - all of the original Broadway cast members are in it (except Mimi - now played by Rosario Dawson). B and I saw Rent 3 times. My other favorite Broadway shows are Lion King, Chicago, and Beauty and the Beast. All of those are already movies. LOL.

So, HaPpY FaThEr'S DaY to all! We got B a new cell phone and fishing gear. The kids and I cannot wait to go fishing. I think B wants to. Not sure though. He was way more happy with the new cell phone. We celebrated this morning with McDonald's breakfast (B's choice). We haven't had that in a really long time. The rest of the day B and K are redoing the Sphinx project, I'm going to really get cleaning, and hopefully J and W will play nicely together. I'm still waiting for my green certified mail card to come back. I hate worrying about whether the paperwork is "acceptable" to them. It's none of their business really. I mean, do they ask private schools for quarterly reports on their students? Why should they bother us then when she's not even part of the school system anymore?

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