Tuesday, June 07, 2005

J worked more on her blog and new website today. Then she watched "Magic Schoolbus" about the food chain. We talked about it a little after the show and from what I can tell, she understands it all. The girls had play rehearsal tonight, but K wanted to skip it and finish her homework. I'm already getting annoyed with the show. They changed the rehearsal time from 7pm to 6pm for next week and the schedule is showing 3-4 day per week rehearsals (including Saturday mornings). Everyone has to buy at least 10 tickets. And they want the kids to be in a parade for 30 minutes and buy a $50 ad in the program. WTF?

But J is having such a great time. She made a couple of friends already and looked so happy being there. This is how she was in school, too. She loved and thrived on the social part of it. K has a good time, too. I really want her to form some good friendships there so she can realize there's more out there than just the kids at school (who I can't stand, BTW). I'm glad it's going to be a fun, busy summer!

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