Friday, September 30, 2005

I spoke to my friend, T, and we brainstormed how we could get the word out about our h/s group to all the homeschoolers in our area. We know they're out there. I also said I'd like to have J and G get together a little more often, so we already made plans for Monday afternoon. G might join the musical theater class with J - that would be great.

J puttered around with and a few math websites during the day. She told me, "I want to do eristosthenes again", LOL. AFter picking up W, we hit the playground for 45 minutes. There's an adorable first-grader named Sarah who has been hanging around with my kids all week. J has been teaching her some games and W keeps trying to impress her by hanging upside-down or performing magic tricks (he always pals around with the pretty girls. This one has long blond curls and is a great climber - W's totally smitten).

J had dance around 4:45 so I dropped her off and took W to eat. K stayed at the dance studio talking with her friends from the older groups. I returned library books (and paid some fines) and stopped in the Eckerd for a minute. We got back with 15 minutes to spare. W loves all the kids there and usually ends up getting all silly and show-offy. It drives me crazy. When J's class was done, we had two hours to kill before a big company meeting at 8pm. After taking the girls to eat dinner, getting W's hair cut, going in a few shops, it was only 7pm. We went in anyway and chatted with the incoming string of company moms and kids.

The meeting was long but covered everything from class attire to fundraising to next year's nationals. There was a large cooler of beer and hard lemonade for the parents(wheee!!) and soda and chips for the kids. The meetings are always fun. B had a gig lastnight (at a bar around Greenwich and Spring Streets) so W had to endure the meeting as well. He was not too cooperative and in my head I swore to never take him anywhere again. I need MIL to watch him at least 2x a week for me (like 2 hours a day) but she's been putting me off or cancelling. I just feel like not having to deal with her at all (EVER!!!). She's really the only source of stress in my life. But, I'll deal. I'm glad it's the weekend.


Patrice said...

In-laws--hmmm. I like mine enough--I have too many brother in laws and sister in laws (dh has 3 brothers and 4 sisters) and sometimes when you really need them, they can't/won't come through. What a pain. If I was living in NY again, I would take him, he'd have fun with my nuts and they're in his age group!

Sound good about getting the word out, I tell you when I was just looking around when I was there, I had a hard time finding stuff like that, so I think it would be really helpful to homeschool parents--I think in NY people find it more different--at least downstate, and that's why it's hard to find people. Maybe a homeschool playgroup? Meet at X park same time, same day every week? Yahoo group? Hmmm.

Khyraen said...

What about seeing if HSLDA will list your group as a resource for your area? That might help get the word out...

You sound like you have the same library gene I have. I need to borrow some books, but I'm going to have to pay my fine first. Sigh, I have no 'library luck.'